Forget Napa Valley. Go wine tasting in Paso Robles.

Paso Robles Hills
Highway 46 Green Hills 

I don’t mean to be hard on Napa, but it’s not what it used to be. It’s become more heavily commercialized and touristy. On the other hand, Paso Robles is kind of like what Napa used to be. In fact as California’s fastest growing wine region it probably will be like Napa in another 10 years, so see it soon. For now this is a charming, unpretentious area that a lot of people don’t yet know about.

“Paso” is a hidden gem located on California’s beautiful Central Coast. The Paso Robles wineries are often distinguished by whether they are “46 East” or “46 West”, 46 being the highway that runs through the area. At last count, there over 160 wineries there, many of them producing excellent vintages. Paso Robles wines tend to have deep colors and rich flavor due to the intensity of the sun, with fairly bright acidity due to the region’s cool nights


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